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Paco walked ahead into his private room, his semi-drunken grin still hanging across the side of his face; for a heavyset man, he certainly could put some pep in his step. The real motivation, Madison thought, was obvious.

Madison Paige was a woman on a mission. Reluctantly, that night at the Blue Lagoon, Paco's little dance joint, that meant she had to be sexy. She was woman in her mid-twenties, with a bob-cut of brunette hair, frizzed in a sexy fashion; her red blouse showed a nice little triangle of cleavage, and her black skirt had been torn at mid-thigh meticulously, to show a little more leg for Paco(a little more leg, and a little more cleavage than Madison had ever felt comfortable showing).

The Origami Killer? Madison tested the thought carefully against the facts, against her intuition, unzipping her bag to check the contents; Paco was ruffling around in his room a few feet ahead, out of sight. Paco Mendez is not the killer; but he owns the Marble Street apartment, where the trail goes cold. He has a connection.

She slipped the gun out of her purse, and quietly pulled the slide back for a brass-check; it was loaded. The light little pistol, a Beretta "Tomcat," fit easily into the palm of her hand, but she slipped it back into her purse and zipped it shut, just in case-- no need to go in guns blazing. Still, a part of her thought it to be a better idea than treading further into the lion's den. Get in there, make him talk to the gun, and get out of there, before I get into big trouble.  She rehearsed the gameplan herself silently, her legs already wobbly with fear.

"Everything's going to be alright," she whispered to herself. "Everything's going to be alright."

This was very unlike Madison; the dolled-up, sexy girl she saw in the mirror as she entered didn't even seem familiar to the straight-laced, level-minded young lady. She took a deep breath, and crossed the threshold.

Paco welcomed her in with a wave of his hand, gaudy rings glimmering in front of his aquarium. "So, welcome to my little kingdom!" he said, smiling his sharkish smile. She sized up the place. Tropical, salt-water fish were darting around the azure waters of the aquarium, and for a moment, Madison was taken; she got side-tracked sometimes, when her nerves got the better of her.  He flipped on the CD player, starting up some cheap, swanky soundtrack that couldn't be winning him too many points with the sophisticated crowd. Young, drunk, and slutty, Madison thought. That's his type.

Then, firmly, but not confrontationally, he grabbed her purse and tossed it behind him onto a dining room chair. "I'll take that," he said, grinning a little. A desperate look flashed across her deep, brown eyes for a split second, and she saw it in the reflection of his gaudy sunglasses. "It'll just get in the way of a good thing, sweet-cheeks..."

'Sweet-cheeks?' she mused to herself internally, her intuition biting her deep in the bit of her stomach with a frightened emptiness she felt compelled to heed. He's utterly repulsive. And Paco was nothing if not that. The heavyset, light-skinned Hispanic man had grayed reluctantly into his late forties or early fifties, his over-sized sunglasses hiding the crows'-feet around his eyes. He wore a hideous zebra-patterned jacket, black pajama-esque pants and an unrestrictive, matching black garment that barely held back his pot-belly. His finely-combed goatee circled around his chapped lips.

She shuddered a little as he wrapped his fingers around her arms on either side, rudely persuading her forward toward the sleek and shiny polyester futon-sofas. They wrapped around in a semi-circle, room for at least eight, but he motioned for her to stay standing.

"So," he said, giving her the once-over, then the twice-over with his roaming, hungry elevator eyes. "Show me what you've got." He eased back onto the sofa slowly, licking his lips. "Take it off, slowly. Take it all off..."

Madison shuddered again at the prospect of taking off her clothes for the slimy bottom-feeder, but she could feel the looming, predatory nature in his eyes. He grew slightly impatient at her hesitation, and his low and guttural breathing sounded almost like a growl as he cleared free a wad of phlegm.

"Ehm could... could we just talk, first?" Madison offered, making a subtle glance over toward her purse, toward her Beretta. Paco sighed heavily, shaking his head.

"Oh, no, we don't need anymore talking, baby. I'm all talked out," he said, making his left hand talk like a puppet, mouthing a condescending 'yak-yak-yak' motion with his fingers. Madison felt an even more biting sensation of revulsion and fear in her gut. "Show me what you can do."

"Eh, uh... could I maybe have a drink?" she asked, trying to sound more breathless from flattery than from the real cause, the lingering anxiety, the fear of what would come. "You know, just a little drink to break the ice?"

"No-no-no," he said, shaking his head. "You already broke the ice, let's get wet!" At this, he made a little pelvic thrust, and Madison covered her mouth a little, feeling ready to gag. "Come on, do your thing, girl!" he commanded, clapping.

This is it, she thought to herself. Time to give it up, try another angle. Get the hell out of here. She wasn't ready for any of this.

"I'm sorry," she said, her flirty, bubbly facade fading from her voice as fast as the patience from Paco's face drained away. "I think there's been a little misunderstanding..." Madison began backing away slowly as she looked over at her purse, over at the way out. "Look, look, I'll uh, I'll just go... no harm done, another time!"

Paco leaned over to the couch, and reached slowly, almost grumpily into his waistband. Madison's breath left her body, and her eyes went wide as he came back up with a pistol. He glared down the sights of his .45, and brought back the hammer with his thumb.

"I think it is you who has misunderstood, honey," he said, watching the young, suddenly innocent-looking creature gulp, taking another step back. "I'm tired of wasting my time: it's now, or never!" Madison began breathing heavily as he raised the gun grimly toward her, delivering his ultimatum with a snarling demeanor. "And I never take never for an answer."

He motioned at her with his free hand to come closer, watching her tremble. She sighed weakly, her sad, terrified eyes staring down toward the floor. He motioned again, starting to sound a little more edgy. Give him what he wants, Madison, her self-preserving conscience whispered to her. Get undressed, or this guy's going to toss you out with tomorrow's garbage.

She fumbled gingerly at the buttons of her blouse, to the sound of a pleased Paco. As she slowly, fearfully undid each button, she glanced up only a bit, seeing the quickly-growing bulge in Paco's loose pants, watching him stroke the outside of his trousers. She heard him smack his lips as she slipped out of her blouse, letting it fall to the floor. He motioned again, even more restless hostility in his body motions. She clenched her eyes shut, and let her hand fall to her hip, to the zipper along the side of her her skirt. She slipped it down, slowly, to her ankles, where Paco grunted, sniffing back heavily and wiping the perspiration from his forehead. "The shoes!" he barked. "The shoes, too..."

She stepped out of her shoes, and stood up, wobbly-kneed. The trim, sexy figure of Madison Paige was almost luminescent in the pale lighting of the aquarium; clad now only in matching purple lingerie, a push-up bra and panties, both trimmed with a sheen layer of off-white silk. She was alluring, and her reluctant fear only drove Paco further into a blood-boiling state of lust.

She bit her lip to keep from crying, feeling the overwhelming fear welling up in her with a cold sweat and chills. I'll puke if he so much as touches me, she thought. There must be some way out of this... She threw a sudden glance back at the lamp behind her, but clumsily bumped it, sending it rolling off to the wall, where it staid. Paco stood up, infuriated, and leveled the gun at her.

"Get on your knees," he ordered, his teeth clenched. He reached back behind himself, under the sofa, and retrieved a pair of handcuffs. "I said get on your knees, got it?!"

"Okay, okay!" she said softly, her voice still quaking; she slowly lowered herself to her knees, watching Paco's grin return. He tossed the handcuffs in front of her.

"Put those on behind your back, baby," he said, waving the pistol at her once more. "I want to hear those motherfuckers click, nice and tight."

A single tear rolled down her cheek as she picked up the steel manacles, and ratcheted them tightly over one wrist. Come on, Maddy, she thought to herself. Don't get killed for this, he won't kill you if you do what he says. She put her hands behind her back, and repeated the process over the other wrist. Her arms limp, her hands now lay heavily at the small of her back. She shifted uneasily with her knees in the shag carpet, and looked up at Paco with pleading eyes.

"Please," she begged, fighting back tears as the big man approached. She realized with disgust that she was eye-level with the bulging erection in his pants. "Please, don't do this!"

Paco tossed his gun back onto the sofa, and slipped out of his jacket. He stepped closer to Madison, too close for comfort, and grasped the back of her hair, letting his fingers run forcefully through her short, frizzy hair for a moment, before tugging her face forward. He pushed her to him, and she turned away with a little sob as he pressed her cheek against his cock, his skin separated from hers only by his loose-fitting garments. She could tell by the feel against her face, and by the smell of sweaty loins that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He groaned longingly, and let pull back a few inches, wiping a tear from her face.

"Don't look sad, little girl," he said, smacking his chops one more time. "You're going to be alright, as long as you play nice." He gave her a dastardly smile, then tugged the elastic waist of his pants down and bent, pulling them down to a pile around his fine Italian loafers.

Paco's penis, stiff as a tree-trunk, smelly and surrounded by bushy and graying pubic hairs looked enormous, and Madison let out an audible whimper as it jutted out only an inch from the tip of her nose.

"I'm going to make you suck, baby," he told her bluntly, grasping a handful of her hair again. "And you're going to suck! No teeth, or I get the gun-- got that?"

She hesitated a moment, drawing in panicked, terrified breaths.

"I said do you got that?!" he asked, more barking the question; his "you's" sounded more akin to "joo" when he was angry. "No teeth, or I put a bullet in your heart!"

She shut her eyelids and quivered a moment, but nodded her head quickly, understanding that the man meant business. He let out a sigh of relief, and eased her forward, starting to make guttural noises of uncontained excitement.

"Suck," he ordered, his fingers playing with her hair.

Madison didn't open her eyes, but raised up her chin a bit, until her glossy lips brushed against the tip of Paco's penis. He moaned, going tense suddenly with the beginnings of an immense pleasure. She let her mouth part slowly, reluctantly, and Paco carefully lead her a little further, until she had wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. It was unbearable, and the disgusting smell made Madison's nose wrinkle.

Paco let out a seething breath, and forced her further down his shaft. He began to rock her forward and back, a little at a time each time, his fingers kneading into her hair. "Use... use some tongue, sweetheart," he muttered to his helpless captive. "Use your tongue."

Clenching her eyes more tightly shut, another tear or two trickling down her face, Madison slipped up her tongue a little, up against the underbelly of his fat cock. He tensed again, then moaned, and began to work her back and forth a little more rhythmically. The taste of his unwashed penis was grotesque enough, but what began to terrify her even more was the taste of salty precum that escaped the tip of his cock, down to her tongue. She began to whimper, only a few steps away from outright sobbing.

"Yes, oh God!" he interjected, his fingers now digging painfully into her scalp. "Come on, little mamacita, come on. Oooh, Jesus Christ..."

Trailing off into a babble of Spanish and profanities, Paco suddenly forced his cock into Madison's mouth until it gagged her, almost fully down his shaft. Her eyes opened suddenly, wide with panic and still shimmering with tears. He looked up to the ceiling, a man consumed with hedonistic bliss, and ignored the silent pleads for mercy from her sad, puppy-dog eyes. He began to work her back and forth  in a bobbing motion that suctioned his cock noisily, and worked his hips in rhythm, moaning and grunting. His pulse was racing, his heart rocking in his chest like a jackhammer as endorphins and adrenaline pumped through his veins; a vein appeared on his neck, and he started to sweat profusely.

"Oh my God, oh my fuck!" He blurted out, his testicles beginning to tighten. Madison shuddered and gagged again, feeling his cock twitch in her mouth.

Paco could feel now that he had reached the point of no return, and hesitated a moment, thinking fast. Just as tugged her head back, her lips wrapped around just the head of his cock, her tongue still snugly against his throbbing member,  Paco saw the light, and tensed his whole body. He came.

Madison jolted and let out a muffled yelp, unable to pull out of Paco's grasp or off of his cock as the first hot, sticky strains of cum erupted into her mouth, down onto her tongue. He dug his nails into her her hair tighter with each pulse of his massive orgasm, and she whimpered pathetically with revulsion, feeling the overwhelmingly saltiness of his seed on her taste buds. She shuddered, and gagged, ready to spit as soon as she freed herself from his grasp. But Paco held her tight, as he finished his work, the entirety of his sticky load coating the inside of her mouth. And he held her firmly even after that, until she looked up at him again with those pleading, weary eyes.

"S... swallow," he grunted, looking weak. "Swallow it, and you're done..."

She hesitated for a moment, but realizing the futility of it all, she bit the bullet, and swallowed his load. The warm goo went down the back of her throat like the texture of thick honey. She gagged a little, then finished the gulp with a conflicted expression of relief and utter humiliation on her face. Paco let go of her hair, and she pulled her lips free of his cock with a suctioning 'pop!' noise. Madison tumbled onto the floor on her butt, gasping for air, and Paco fell back onto the sofa, his chest heaving.

There were a few moments where neither looked at each other; Paco pulled his pants up over his softening, sticky meat, and Madison caught her breath, rolled over on her side. Only the swanky mood-music cut the silence, and the distant, throbbing echo of the dance-floor outside.

"You're a sweet little piece of ass, girl," Paco said softly, almost weakly as he retrieved his pistol off the cushion beside him, and tucked it back into his pants. "I don't understand you, but you sure are a sexy little slut."

"Go... go to hell..." Madison managed to stammer out between breaths, not making eye-contact.

"If you weren't so fucking good with your lips, I'd tell you to watch your mouth," Paco said, now laughing whole-heartedly. "You just keep quiet, baby. I'll give you something to mouth off about when I get back to my feet..."
Heavy Rain is not owned by me; I just play it. Just as such, the focus of this erotic, obviously perverse take on one of the game's chapters ("Sexy Girl," Chapter 33) does not reflect the opinions, perspectives, or intentions of QuanticDreams development or Sony Entertainment. This is purely my sick fantasy, and God-willing, somebody else's, too.

This is Rape! Yes, it's pretty fucked up, but here's my justification; Heavy Rain was about an inch away from rape, itself. In the actual game, Madison Paige is stripped down at gunpoint, to points of toplessness, or at least down to her knickers (Depending on the player, I guess). Is my rendition more fucked up? Absolutely, but the rotten apple's not far from the tree.

Enjoy, please, or don't. As always, I assume there are more perversely-minded folks around to enjoy my sick dreams. I'm thick-skinned, people, add some comments, share some love, share some hate. All but flamers and trolls are welcome to comment, everybody's welcome to take a read!
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ZanderJGavin Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013

Any chance of a Part 2?
Arcalian Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
If you're still around, I would DEFINITELY like to see him fuck her proper.
Sulik1975 Featured By Owner May 14, 2011
Nice story, damn hot read. Should have been in the game. Very well written and Paco's dialogue was perfect to his character.

This scene bugged the hell out of me in the game. It became purely fan service to see Madison naked again because there was no way to fail the scene. If you had been able to lose and madison ended up raped or shot would have made the scene far more emotionally charged. Instead it just seemed like a good way to show off Madison's great body model again. I bet there is still a version of this scene around Quantic Dream that ended in rape or death, but they didn't have the balls to go through with it. It would have fit the dark nature of the story much better.

This scene was kind of the turning point for where Heavy Rain's story started to fall apart. Madison was nearly murdered earlier in the day by the doctor, then nearly raped at gun point and end up in a hotel room with Nathan. Who has been shocked, in a car accident and just cut off his own finger and somehow they end up fucking each other. That made no sense and a bunch of story points started not making sense after that.
warlordstuart Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
i dont mind a good tape fantasy so long as no one gets hurt...then its just sick. this was tame, acceptable, and fairly steamy for myself and my wife ^-^

btw if anyone gives you crap about copyright let them know i knew nothing about this game until i read this. apparently its popular. i'll probably play or buy it someday now because of you XD
kuroishin Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
Smegmania Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
Beats the hell out of thestorybook "And they lived happily ever after, frolicking in a new apartment" ending, for sure.
kuroishin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011

I also was looking for something like this. I had a friend of mine draw a surrendered Madison enjoying being one of Paco's sluts. That's the way I liked it to be: Madison forgetting about Ethan and the whole thing and starting a new life, with money goods and protection in exchange for being one of Paco's girls. What do you thing about this ending?
Smegmania Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
Hah, if you know anybody willing to draw something as freaky as this, be sure to let me know.
QuiteCool Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011
It'd be nice to see artwork that goes along with this story.
Smegmania Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
Couldn't agree with you more; not much into video games myself, but I was drawn seeing a buddy of mine playing this, and this particular scene was some seriously perverse fan-service. Can't see why it hasn't stirred up more smut-writers of my ilk to the internet.

Follow-up? Maybe. More likely, a re-write from the beginning. As can probably be seen from the writing style here, I was a bit inebriated whilst writing this particular piece, and if I do rewrite it (Will be sometime over the next month or two), I think I'll add more to it. As I wrote it currently, it's cumbersome to continue, the style's too true to game-clips. I hadn't followed through on making her naked... not sure why not, and this was fairly limited, as far as my perverted imaginings go.

Thanks for your comment, glad you liked it-- this had slipped by unnoticed for a good while, and I haven't seen any more people taking to the net with what ALMOST happened, for sure. Am I the only one who took getting stripped down at gunpoint in a perverse way? Anyway, glad to have met your niche requirements of super-specific deviance in Gaming. I just keep on expanding those horizons to new levels of poorly-written perversion...
Solumar Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010
Heh, I'd been looking for something like this! I can't understand why more people haven't jumped on the possibilities with that particular scene. Here's a question: any possibility of a follow up? She's already two quick ripping yanks from being completely nude, and Paco doesn't seem the type to let her just go, not after all the trouble she's caused him.
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