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September 7, 2008
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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
Forest Fantasies</u>

Big Bold Motherfuckin' Warning!: This is an unpleasant work of erotic fiction, that includes rape in a fantasy setting. As a work of literature, and not one of anything else, I assure you it has no reflection upon my own personal beliefs, or my attitude toward women. Rape is an abhorrent crime, I recognize it as such, and this is purely a work of fiction.

If you read any futher you do so of your own volition, and having read my big bold motherfuckin' warning, if you're a normal person and don't like Orc on Elf sexual encounters of the non-consensual kind(though come on in, all you weirdos! We're like a big fucked up family up in here), please, read another story. This will not exactly make your day, and you'll probably end up posting something in the comment box that I'll have to point out as silly, because I already gave you a verbal bashing *RIGHT HERE.* Use your intelligence people! Like it, love it, hate it, be repulsed by it, what have you, if you do not like this sort of work, and SPECIFICALLY if you're under 18 years of age, please, find something prettier and less perverted to read.

Ciao! Enjoy, or sit there reading with an unsavory look on your face.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The girl bolted through the foliage, as fast as her legs would carry her light frame; raven hair in the wind, chest heaving, her bare feet crunching over the leaves with a pattering noise. The grace of the Elf only went so far against the ferocity of the Orc.

Suddenly, she felt his burly arms grasp her around the waist, and turning her, he shoved the girl against the nearest, sturdiest tree, her heaving chest against the bark. She began to tremble and pull at his grip, but her fruitless struggles only earned a deep, throaty chuckle from the hulking creature's abominable depths.

She was a fair creature, beautiful beyond the mortal bounds of humanity, raven hair to her shoulders, gleaming in the spotted sunlight, gray blue eyes that now shimmered with tear. She was exhausted by her own panic, and though her chest heaved, she had not yet begun to sweat, the gift of her people's stamina. Her dress fell to her ankles, yet the gown was a sheer fabric of an oceanic hue that gave a faint hint of her supple, appetizing form beneath.

She was only in the teens of her long life, and her figure was in full bloom; soft, shapely curves and tempting feminine subtleties. As the coarse, darkened hands of the Orc slowly, almost gently caressed her body from behind, he knew he would be the one to pick the fruit, it was its season, and he could not deny the juicy reward.

The Orc was a monstrous thing of once butchered flesh and burned skin, now a reddened and blackened hulk of man standing over six foot to the Elven teen's five, with a body shaped for war, muscled and brutish. His bestial structure was complimented by scar tissue on nearly every conceivable part of his body, and war paint still on his face and chest. He wore only a loincloth, belted with his few possessions, and a sword over his back.

Yanking a knotted length of leather from his belt, and roughly secured it around the girl's wrists as he tugged them above her head; she began openly crying now, pleading for mercy.

"P-please, please don't!" she stammered out, trembling. "I beg of you, don't do this!"

The Orc tossed her back against the tree, and gripped a muscled hand around her small throat, hearing her suddenly gasp. His mean yellowed eyes stared into her watery blue gems, as he gave a fanged smile.

"You oughta know, Elf girl, it's useless beggin' of an Orc with his eyes on pleasure!" his voice was a butchered, authoritative voice of the depths of hell. "I get what I'm after, girly," he whispered, unsheathing his knife. "Always!"

She shrieked, expecting the knife to plunge into her flesh: the blade instead buried itself into the tree, through the knot of the leather strap. Through sheer might he had slammed the blade far into the tree trunk, effectively holding her to the tree by her wrists.

"Let's get this started, sweet heart!" he hollered, tossing his belt off, and leaning his sword against a nearby tree. "I wanna hear you squeal in a hundred tongues, lass!"

"No, God no! Please..." she trailed off into a long chain of indiscernible whimpers as the Orc again chuckled throatily.

The loincloth dropped to the ground, and the young Elf suddenly cut her whimpered pleads short with a gasp; the Orc's prodigious erection stood now in his grasp, a terrifying sight for the innocent, trapped teen. He only just laughed, moving forward, and hitching up her legs.

She gave another gasp as his rough hands found their way up her legs, beneath her gown, and then yet another as they firmly squeezed her finely-formed buttocks, before tugging her panties free to her ankles, and slinging them away into the forest.

She had barely gotten out another squeal as the creature tugged her legs up alongside his waist, and guided his massive cock to her untouched womanhood. With a furious, pleasured shout, he plunged home, letting her scream as he tore her virginity away with a single, savage thrust.

He held her close now, his face in her neck, kissing her between overwhelmingly pleasured grunts; with each jarring invasion, he slid further and further into her tight, inviting love canal: her walls hugged his monstrous cock with every thrust of his hips, producing animalistic shouts from his mouth, and whimpering, reluctantly excited moans from her lips.

"Come on... come on!" he started to shout, jeering himself on as he rammed the girl up and down the tree, upsetting bits of bark from the surface. "Oh! Come on!!!"

With an almost angry shout, he tore away her gown, and squeezed her breast in one hand as he continued his rape of her exquisitely formed body; thrust by thrust he worked himself to the very depths of her femininity, feeling the heavenly embrace of her tight, moist depths. The tender love of her canal as he plowed her drove him on, further and further in a blind, furious berserk; it held him tight, no matter what crimes he committed upon the girl.

She leaned forward, still jostling and jolting with his movements, squealing now and then, always whimpering; she sobbed and moaned on his bare shoulder, her mouth slightly ajar as he pummeled her into an inescapable pleasure. He tightened her legs around his waist, and her bare toes began to curl, her fingers gripping the knife firmly.

Sweat dripped from their naked bodies, the perfume of sex and rank Orc ruminating in the forest, as their ruckus was lost amongst the trees. He continued, sliding, twisting, slamming and thrusting, his tongue rising up her neck to her tortured moans.

"Urgh, come on lassie, come... on..." he moaned into her subtly pointed ear. "Ungh, ungh, uuugh!"

With a final thrust into her warm, moist womanhood, he moaned, and let loose inside her. His climax was the culmination of his wildly pleasing motions with her ethereal body, the consummation of his anger, lust, and wants. Twitch to spasm, his muscle tightened inside her, and erupted, a hot load of his milky passion invading her womb, followed by another, and another.

She sobbed ever harder on his shoulder, her body going limp beneath his; sweaty, exhausted, and broken, she let her head fall back against the tree, and her tears dance down her now rosy cheeks.

The Orc released her, wiping spit from his mouth as he fell back into the foliage, exhaling with a noise of pure satisfaction, and spent energy. He gazed up at the girl as she sank down by her wrists, still crying. He lay back against the forest floor, and smiled up at the distant skies, content with a day's work.
WARNINGWARNINGWARNING this is not a happy, story, and it is not pleasant in any way to people with an unperverted mind. Innocent kiddies, please move along, I don't want to hear your parents bitch that I turned you into a nut-job with my strange literature.

It involves a rape of an Elf by an Orc, brought on by a conversation about The Lord of the Rings. Jesus H. Christ, I think Tolkien is rolling over in his grave, but that happened when he read Eragon anyway.

Again, NOT my personal views on women, and I assure you, I am not prejudiced against elves(those pointy-eared sonsabitches) in any manner.

This was less erotic for me, and more of what I guess had to be explained; what would drive Orcs to want to fight and destroy entire civilizations? Something's gotta keep those testosterone-pumped fuckers motivated besides 'manflesh.' So, like any great medieval army, they're probably chock full of rapists.

I feel bad about the elf girl, looking back... maybe I'll pull a The Hills Have Eyes moment and let her have revenge with a nice big axe.

And dA! If this violates your policy, feel free to delete; I seen some more fucked up shit than this around, so I assumed it was a-okay, but if I'm wrong, remove to your hearts' content.
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VellanShadow Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
In any other context, other then something from the works of Tolkien, this would be perfect. Though, I would have liked more begging from the Elf, but that's just something I personally like in rape(story's). Exvellent piece of art, good job, well done and keep up the good work. :D
werewolf-of-kansas Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student General Artist
wow, that was crazy but really good. this was really well written and even though that little voice in me is saying "no this is wrong!" another voice was saying "shut up its just a story and its awesom!"
Cernunnas Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
You just made my day! Or should I say night? hehe, write more stuff like this, please!!
thepornaddict Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Absolutely delightful!
bahutai Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
bahutai Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
moar elf raped by orc
Crisolas Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012
I might give it a go too. Haven't written an erotic short story for a long time.
melthaind Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
So, what happens next?

Well written, by the way.
missydargon Featured By Owner May 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i like it.good word choice as a critic I think it is good
Animea6423h Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Student General Artist
The wording is really impressive. I really like how you put things so clear and almost poetic for such a violent story. I hope I can use this to get ideas on how to write my own. (and a lot of mine will probably be violent too...)
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